Galvanising – Good industrial corrosion protection but:
  • Does not provide a smooth surface and lumps of zinc accumulate on lower edges with spikes and drips
  • Fettled areas can expose steel surfaces which can rust
  • Heat of galvanising process causes distortion especially in large flat areas
  • Tubular items must have unsightly vent holes
  • Varying material composition and thicknesses can give differing surface finishes from dull grey to shiny silver, no other colour available
  • Over time all galvanised products turn dull grey with a surface of Zinc Oxide. Items stacked in damp conditions will exhibit white rust
  • Corners and pockets can trap dross from the galvanising process

If you have an architectural or aesthetic application, want the corrosion protection of Zinc but need a good surface finish and the colour of your choice, we have the answer - PowderZinc powder coating:

  • Up to 16 Years to first maintenance outdoors
  • Over 150 microns of protective coating
  • Zinc rich base coat provides sacrificial corrosion protection
  • Blast cleaned surface preparation ensures excellent key and smooth substrate
  • Top coat gives full RAL colour range in smooth, gloss and satin finishes
  • Smooth gloss surface finish, no drips, no runs
  • Hard wearing, tough and scratch resistant
  • Environmentally friendly materials and processes

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